LIVE: Becoming A Better Speaker

There are three steps along the journey of becoming a better speaker. First you must become a speaker, and that should not be too difficult. Just open your mouth and make a effort to expel the air in word format, and you are speaking.

The second step is to become a good speaker. This is much more challenging. You are required to have a comprehensive understanding of what are the pre-requisites of becoming a good speaker. Then you must consistently and effectively practice the rudiments and nuances of good speaking.

The third step, hat of becoming a better speaker is the most deceptive, only because it has the appearance of a destination, but in fact is a journey… a journey that never ends.  The good news is that it begins immediately after you begin to act on your desire to become a better speaker.

The following video is a live recording of a presentation at an Open House event of a Toastmasters Club. Enjoy!

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